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When will President Trump’s ‘big win’ on healthcare actually happen?

A week after Trump clinched the nomination of the Republican National Committee’s chairman, the President and his team are already planning for a potential showdown over healthcare.

While the two sides remain at odds over whether to scrap the Affordable Care Act (ACA), both are pushing for a bipartisan healthcare bill to replace the legislation, and the stakes are high.

As Trump prepares to head to the White House for his first big win on healthcare, the two-term President is already preparing for the worst.

Here are six big questions for Trump’s first major healthcare win:1.

Will the Republicans have enough votes?

After securing the Republican nomination, Trump has vowed to take the Whitehouse “back to basics.”

While the Republican party may be split over the direction of the party, a deal is unlikely to be reached until the end of the year.

Trump and his allies believe they have enough support to pass the bill, but the WhiteHouse is still weighing its options.

The White House is pushing for both party leaders and the House leadership to unite around a bipartisan plan that could be announced before the end, or possibly even before then.2.

Will there be enough support?

As a candidate, Trump promised to put the Republican Party on “the same page” with the public.

Now that he’s President, that’s still a goal, but it’s more difficult to reach.

Trump’s party needs to have a large majority in both houses of Congress to pass a healthcare bill.

Republicans need to pick up at least one more Republican-controlled chamber to pass such a bill.

With the GOP in control of both houses, Trump may be able to find enough votes for the measure to pass.

Trump also is facing a looming deadline, March 31, 2019, which could put pressure on lawmakers.3.

Will Trump use the healthcare vote to push through his tax reform and tax reform agenda?

Trump and Republicans are already gearing up for a fight over the healthcare bill, which is still not complete and could face serious hurdles as the healthcare debate heats up.

In the coming weeks, the GOP is expected to release their healthcare plan, a plan that may be more focused on cutting taxes on the wealthy and lowering taxes on businesses.

As a candidate Trump promised that he would put a plan together that would deliver on the promises he made on healthcare.

The Republican healthcare plan could be the biggest piece of the Trump agenda to date.4.

Will Republicans support a tax reform plan that doesn’t include an expansion of the child tax credit?

The tax reform bill is one of the key parts of the plan that will ultimately be passed by Congress.

It would lower the tax rates for many middle-class Americans and would eliminate tax deductions for many wealthy individuals.

However, Republicans have been vocal about their opposition to an expansion in the child credit, which they say would benefit only the wealthiest Americans.

Trump has also said that he wants to avoid an expansion, though he’s not going to make any promises about where he’ll get his money.5.

What will Trump do about the opioid epidemic?

Trump has pledged to get the opioid crisis under control, but he’s also promised to help the opioid industry and take a hard line on drug dealers.

The opioid epidemic has taken a serious toll on the country’s healthcare system, and many Republicans have questioned the president’s commitment to the country and its opioid addiction.

The Trump administration is looking into ways to address the opioid problem, including providing incentives to companies to reduce opioids and paying for treatment facilities.6.

Will Congress act?

The healthcare debate has divided Congress.

While Trump and the Republicans still have a majority in the House, there are some members who have signaled they might not be willing to vote for the healthcare legislation.

Many Republican senators are also worried about the healthcare package and the potential effects it could have on their health care.

As of right now, there’s no sign of any agreement between the two parties.

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