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‘Trump’s Day’: Five things to watch in the inaugural ceremony

Donald Trump’s Day will kick off with a parade in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday.

But there’s one big difference between the first inauguration of a new president and the second.

It’s not a traditional march and, to be fair, it’s not technically a march.

It is, however, a national day of observance for those who died in the line of duty during the inauguration, with Trump’s inauguration being the first to have a parade.

Here are five things to look forward to on Tuesday and what to expect from the festivities.1.

Presidential swearing-in: In the hours leading up to Trump’s swearing-out, thousands of members of Congress will hold a national prayer service in the Capitol rotunda.

They’ll also hold a ceremonial swearing-down ceremony in the Oval Office.

But for the inaugural parade, they’re not doing anything at all.

That means there will be no parade or march on inauguration day.

Instead, it will be a day of “prayer and reflection,” as a White House press secretary put it.

As President Barack Obama’s first inauguration day came to a close, President Donald Trump asked Americans to “pray for the nation” during the ceremony.2.

President’s Day parade: There’s no official parade date, but a number of people have speculated that it could be around the time of the president’s swearing in, so this is probably the first official parade that’s planned.

In addition to the national prayer and the national ceremony, there will also be a parade on President’s day that will include a prayer for the president, the first inaugural ball, and the swearing-ins.3.

The first official inaugural ball: This is likely the most likely thing that the first parade will include.

It’ll be held on Tuesday in the House of Representatives, where the new president will formally take office.

It will be attended by the vice president, cabinet members, and all other members of the Trump administration.

This is the official inaugural parade that will happen on inauguration eve.4.

President Trump’s inaugural parade: Trump will be sworn in on Tuesday, but he’ll be officially inaugurated as president on Wednesday.

However, there is a possibility that this could be the first presidential parade that doesn’t include a parade because the president is still in the hospital, which makes it a bit of a gamble for the White House.

This will be the official inauguration day parade, though, so it’s still possible that it will happen.5.

Presidential inauguration: This may not be the most important day for the first full inauguration, but it’s the most exciting.

While there is no official date for a parade or even a prayer, people who have died on inauguration Day will be on the steps of the Capitol to witness Trump’s first swearing-up.

And the president will have the honor of signing the first executive orders into law.

There are a lot of people who are still waiting to be sworn into office, so you might want to keep that in mind when planning your first day.

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