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Why MLBs are going after you: A look at the data scientist salary

The latest jobs data is out.

Here’s how the numbers stack up: 1.

Data Scientist Salary 1,600 dollars.

That’s right, 1,200 bucks a year.

In this industry, where it pays to be good, you’ll be spending your first year of work on your project and learning from others.


Data Analyst Salary 3,200 dollars.

Not much, but this is a big-time industry, so expect to spend at least a year on your new role.


Data Engineer Salary 5,000 dollars.

This is the big-money job.

You’re getting paid to do data analysis, which is very important.


Data Architect Salary 5 (in a few years).

This is an industry where you’re building things and you’re learning the ropes.


Data Developer Salary 6,000 (in about a year).

This might be the most expensive.

This could be a great job if you can get a good deal on the project.


Data Systems Engineer Salary 10,000.

If you’re looking for a position with a strong engineering background, you might be able to get by on this salary.


Software Developer Salary 30,000 to 40,000 bucks (a lot of data-driven jobs).


Database Engineer Salary 100,000-250,000, or a million bucks a piece.


Software Engineer Salary 200,000 or more.

If the market is looking for software engineers, you’re in for a big pay day.


Systems Engineer $1.5 million.

Not bad.

That is an incredible amount of money, especially if you get the right salary.


Data Science Scientist Salary 200 to 300,000 a piece or more (if you’re a data scientist, but not necessarily a software engineer).


Analytics Engineer Salary 500 bucks a month or more for a data analyst role.


Engineering Software Engineer $10,000-$20,000 per year (for a software-based engineering role) or $50,000 for a more traditional data scientist role.


Analytics Architect $100,000+ per year or $250,00-$350,000 monthly (for an architecture-oriented engineering role).


Data Security Engineer Salary $50 to $200 per year for a security engineer role.


Data Protection Engineer Salary Up to $1 million per year per role.


Data Administrator Salary $1,000 an hour for a general-purpose data administrator role.


Data Analytics Analyst Salary $2,000 and up per year to help you build and manage data for a business.


Data Engineering Analyst Salary Up $1 to $5 million per role per year.


Software Architect Salary $5,000 – $20,00 per year in a general software-oriented role.


Data Visualization Engineer Salary 1 million a year for the type of visualization software you need.


Data Quality Engineer Salary up to $20 million per position.


Data Logger Salary $25,000 + per year plus a bonus for a role with a large data base.


Data Web Developer Salary $250-$500 per year and up. 25.

Data Designer Salary $200 to $500 per month plus a $5 bonus.


Data Technician Salary $100 to $300 per month for a team that includes data scientists, engineers, and designers.


Data Reporter Salary $500 to $700 per month.


Data Lab Analyst Salary 500 to 1 million per month (a general-sourcing role) 29.

Data Operations Engineer Salary 250 to 1,000 million per day.


Data Design Engineer Salary 2,000 annual salary plus bonus for design or data engineer positions.


Data Researcher Salary $10 million to $100 million a quarter.


Data Development Engineer Salary 750 to $2 million a month for data-heavy applications.


Data Sales Engineer Salary 600 to 1.5 Million per year, plus a 2-3% bonus.


Data Services Analyst Salary 1.25 million to 2.5 billion a year, a 2% bonus, plus bonuses for managing sales teams, technology, and a team with at least five people.


Data Product Manager Salary $300,000 plus a yearly bonus.


Data Specialist Salary $3 million a second job, plus $100k in annual bonuses.


Data Manager Salary 500 million a fourth job.


Data Director Salary up $5.5M for a top-notch job in an analytics, sales, or marketing role.


Data Marketing Director Salary $15 million a five-year contract.


Data Solutions Manager Salary 1 billion a five year contract.


Data Business Analyst Salary up 2 million a six-year deal.


Data Software Developer 1 million to 1 billion dollars.


Data Platform Engineer 1 million. 44. Data

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