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How the ‘super PACs’ have made a $1 billion profit since the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision

Politico has a look at the money that has flowed through the political committees supporting President Donald Trump’s presidential bid since the court’s decision to legalize political spending in 2012.

As of Monday, the super PACs that are coordinating on campaign fundraising and voter registration were raising $1.2 billion, according to Federal Election Commission data.

But the money hasn’t been spent yet.

The money was generated by more than 20,000 individual PACs that have been launched since the decision in August, according an analysis of FEC filings by The Hill.

Some of the super PAC spending is actually going toward supporting candidates in races already underway, and some of it is going toward the next presidential election, the analysis shows.

Super PACs have been critical to Trump’s path to the White House.

The president, who’s spent most of his campaign season attacking the media, has been critical of the Super PACs, which he says have made up the majority of the spending since the ruling.

“We are going to keep working and we are going and we will see our Super PACs go from a $500,000-a-week to $10 million a week and then to $20 million a year,” Trump told The Associated Press in October.

Trump and the GOP have tried to distance themselves from Super PACs.

But The Hill has found evidence that the GOP has been paying to influence the outcome of some of the most critical races in the country, including in Ohio and Pennsylvania, which Trump won in 2016.

The Super PACs also have contributed to Trump, his allies, and a handful of other Republicans who are vying for the White and Senate seats in 2018.

Trump’s allies have spent $20.7 million on ads targeting Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio and Republican Gov.

John Kasich of Ohio, according the data.

The ads have mostly been negative.

The super PAC that spent the most money in those races has spent $18.7 mln, according FEC data.

In the Pennsylvania Senate race, the PAC supporting Democrat Katie McGinty has spent more than $13 million to oppose Brown.

The Republican super PAC backing McGintry has spent about $8 million.

Trump has said he wants to work with super PACs.

“I don’t want them spending money to try to destroy my campaign.

I want them to help,” he said in an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity.

But some super PACs have begun to take steps to help their candidates.

In an August interview with ABC News, Kellyanne Conway, the head of Trump’s campaign, said she was encouraged by Super PACs to support Democratic candidates in 2020.

“Super PACs have always been an option for us, whether it’s the Koch brothers, Karl Rove, or the Heritage Action.

So we think we’re going to see that continue,” Conway said.

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