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Which companies are buying the most new tech patents?

4th June 2018 10:40:00Tech startups, like Amazon and Facebook, are also expanding their patent portfolios.

These companies have been making money on a variety of products including software, robots, medical devices and smart home products.

But there’s a catch: their patents are not necessarily the most valuable.

In the first quarter of 2018, Google’s share of patents was just 5.2 per cent.

Its total patent portfolio is more than twice that amount.

“In the first three quarters of 2018 patent portfolio grew by 5.4 per cent, while the total number of patents on the market was just 17,919,” said a report by The Register, an organisation which tracks patent applications.

The report is based on data from a number of sources, including the US Patent and Trademark Office, a database of patent applications and patent filings from around the world.

It estimates that there were 17,746 patent applications filed by the top 100 tech companies in the first half of 2018.

While the growth of the top tech companies was greater than expected, the report noted that the share of patent filings by tech startups had declined from 31 per cent in the year before to 26 per cent this quarter.

The report also noted that while the growth in patent portfolios was impressive, it was still well below the peak of 30 per cent that was recorded in 2015.

“It is not clear whether the slowing patent portfolio growth is a function of a slowdown in innovation, or an acceleration of that innovation,” said the report.

It also noted a recent increase in patent filings among non-tech startups, which had previously seen a rise in patent portfolio numbers.

The UK government’s new patent regime, which comes into effect in June, has sparked debate on the extent of patents being owned by tech giants.

Some fear that it will encourage patent monopolies by giving the government too much control over the sale of patents.

The patent portfolio report comes after the US launched a probe into patent monopolistic practices by Google and other tech companies.

The US government said that Google’s practices had created monopolies in the global marketplace and prevented innovation.

Google has said that the US has “strong antitrust laws” and is seeking to remove Google from its US patent portfolio.

The search giant said that US regulators should be “unwilling to allow the US government to impose a monopoly on the sale and licensing of patents”.

“We believe that the U.S. patent system is one of the most effective in the world and is a key tool for encouraging innovation and for advancing our economy,” Google said in a statement.

Google and other top tech firms are not the only ones to be eyeing the UK’s patent portfolio in the wake of the US probe.

US President Donald Trump is also pushing for the US to end patent monopolising practices in the US.

He has said he will use his powers under the Patent Reform Act to force Google to change its patent portfolio policies.

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How to beat the NFL draft, ESPN.com’s Jeff McLane explains

The NFL draft is underway, and if you’ve followed the draft process closely, you’ve heard that the first round is often dominated by players who are likely to be the best in the draft class.

This year’s class is no different, as a number of first-rounders have been overshadowed by their draft stock, including LSU quarterback Dak Prescott and Florida defensive lineman Myles Garrett.

But there are a few players who have been undervalued by analysts over the years.

Here are some of the players who were undervalued and should be taken in the first two rounds.

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The best and worst NBA teams in the history of the NBA playoffs

The NBA playoffs have been the most entertaining of the last decade and a half.

It’s the one place where everything is going right and the best teams in NBA history have always been there, so you should probably tune in to see what they have to offer.

If you don’t watch the playoffs, you probably won’t understand what they’re trying to accomplish, but I bet you’ll be able to understand the value of watching this game.

I think the best and the worst teams in recent NBA history can be divided into four categories: teams with great seasons, teams with awful seasons, great seasons and teams with just about everything else.

I have included the most important team in each category below.

The first team in the above section is the one that has the best seasons in the last 30 years.

The second team is the team that has played in the most playoffs, the third team is a team that is currently in the middle of the pack and the fourth team is an entirely different beast.

There are many, many teams in this category, but they’re all the same.

All four of these teams are great, and if you are an NBA fan, you should absolutely watch every one of them.

Let’s take a look at the best, worst, and everything in between.

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