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Verizon data plans in Ireland to be reduced by 15%

The Irish mobile carrier will be slashing data plans by 15%, the latest sign that it’s preparing to exit the country.

The cuts are being announced in a letter to customers that’s being circulated on social media.

Verizon’s move comes in the wake of the company announcing it would end its roaming deal with Ireland.

This week, the Irish carrier confirmed it would cease operating its Irish data plans.

Ireland’s telecom regulator, the Telecommunications Authority of Ireland (TIA), has been working on the plan to reduce roaming costs and introduce a “data allowance”.

The TIA is expected to release a report on the proposal in June.

It’s unclear what the reduction would mean for Irish customers.

The move comes after Verizon announced it would cut its roaming rates by 20% for the next two years.

The move was welcomed by consumer groups and the Communications Alliance (Coalition), which represents major mobile operators.

“While Verizon’s decision to leave Ireland is a positive move, we are disappointed that it will reduce the amount of data you can get from Ireland in the coming year,” a spokesperson for the Alliance said.

According to TIA, the data allowance is the most important cost-saving measure in its proposed changes to roaming rates.

It is expected the allowance will cost customers up to €50 a month, or €0.03 per gigabyte, compared to the current roaming rate of €0:7.99 per gigabytes.

This is lower than the €6.99 a gigabyte roaming rate for most customers.

In addition, it’s estimated that the data allowances will cost the Irish government up to 1.4 billion euros in extra revenue, or about 2.4% of the Irish economy.

It’s worth noting that the plan was introduced last year.

As part of a wider restructuring plan, Verizon will phase out the use of Ireland’s mobile network for its data plans, but will continue to use its roaming agreement with the country, which covers almost 90% of all Irish mobile customers.

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