When the Dunes Are Empty: What You Need to Know About the California Coastal Cascadia Ecosystem and How to Save Them

In the summer of 2017, a new wave of hurricanes hit the West Coast.

A wave of water surged out of the Gulf of Mexico and surged toward California, making it the most expensive storm in the world.

For the first time, we had a record number of hurricanes in California, and the record high rainfall from the previous summer was not a coincidence.

The unprecedented drought and the devastating impact on our economy, our health, and our communities left us with an enormous amount of water, a state that had never seen such a long period of time.

We were also hit by a very significant event, one that was just unprecedented in the history of this country.

In the immediate aftermath of the storms, we learned that it was a very, very powerful storm system, and it was coming from the Pacific Ocean, not from the Atlantic Ocean, which we thought was the case, but it was actually coming from this region that had been hit by the last hurricane in that system, which was named the Tropical Storm Frank, and which caused massive flooding in the area around Los Angeles.

In fact, the next year, when we had another major storm that hit the area, we also had a new record for rainfall in a single year in California.

But that was the last of the major storms that hit California, because by the time they hit in 2019, the drought was really starting to catch up to us.

By then, the water had started to get deeper, the rains had started coming, and we had the highest number of major hurricanes in our state in our history.

So, we have a huge reservoir of water that we’ve had for so long, and when you’re having an extraordinary drought, and you’re not able to use it, the system just kind of breaks down, and that’s when you start seeing the devastation, because the ocean gets breached, and there are massive rivers.

So we were getting hit by these very, really extreme and significant events, and those events were happening just as much in the Pacific as they were in the Atlantic.

So when we looked at the impact on coastal communities, which is the largest and most vulnerable part of the state, it was really striking that there was so little to no damage from this storm.

In terms of the infrastructure, it’s kind of like a tsunami.

It’s not a hurricane, but there are all of these huge dunes, and as a result, there are very few impacts to infrastructure.

So there’s a huge amount of infrastructure that we didn’t even have before, and even now, the damage to infrastructure is enormous.

And that’s one of the big issues we had to deal with, which are the dunes.

We’re talking about millions of dollars of infrastructure damage, and because of the drought, there were some very difficult decisions we had have to make, because we had been using a lot of the water that had gone into the ocean and that was going into the dune system, but we had also had some very significant impacts on our infrastructure.

The dunes were an enormous reservoir of land that had accumulated, and then as a consequence, there was this massive flood in the Bay Area.

So this massive rainfall in the water, and also the very severe flooding that occurred as a direct result of the storm and also from the lack of rain, that made a huge difference.

There’s also a lot more flooding that happens along the coast because of climate change.

The drought, as you’ve mentioned, was also a direct consequence of this climate change, because it was this catastrophic event.

The sea level rose in the East Bay.

The Bay Area is at a record high.

And we had an extremely high rate of sea level rise from the storm, because of melting glaciers.

So the ocean got breached in this part of California, which has never seen a storm like this before, because there’s very little precipitation.

So it’s an extreme storm, and this is what happened.

And then the drought also came about because we were not getting enough rainfall in California in general.

We weren’t getting enough rain from the Central Valley and the Southwest, and in fact, it wasn’t raining from either the Bay or the Peninsula at all in 2017.

So then we had some drought in the Peninsula and some drought throughout the West, and so, we started to see that drought affect a lot our infrastructure, and a lot the population of California.

There was a lot that we could do to mitigate this drought and mitigate climate change and mitigate flooding, but that’s not going to happen in a vacuum.

There are many people out there who are working on solutions to mitigate climate changes and mitigate water stress, and they’re going to have to work together.

The Dunes That Are Empty And the Drought That Is Just Beginning In the wake of

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