How much bacon is in a single bacon slice?

The data behind the bacon slice is not easy to measure.

Researchers at the University of Sheffield analysed the weight of bacon slices that they collected at the Great British Baking Show and the European Baking Championships.

They found that bacon has a mass of 4.8 grams, meaning that the bacon has about 4.7 grams of weight per slice.

That’s about as much weight as the weight in a teaspoon of butter.

That weight is just over one-fifth the weight found in the equivalent amount of butter, but it’s still a huge amount.

To calculate the actual mass, the researchers looked at the weight difference between the top and bottom of a slice of bacon, and then calculated how much weight that slice would give if it weighed the same as a cup of sugar.

They were able to calculate the weight, mass and density of a single slice of ham, but the weight and density don’t give an accurate estimate of the amount of bacon a slice has.

“If you’re going to measure the weight from one slice to another, you have to be able to measure both the weight at the top of the slice and the weight on the bottom of the slab,” says the paper’s lead author, Ben Whelan.

“This was something that wasn’t possible for us.”

The paper was published in the journal Physical Review Letters.

The paper’s co-author, Richard McNeill, says the method they used is much simpler than using a mass balance or measuring weight using the standard method of weighing and measuring.

“It’s just a straightforward calculation that can be done at a relatively simple time,” he says.

The researchers also looked at how much bacon a person could eat and how much it would weigh.

They calculated that a slice is around 0.1kg in weight.

The authors suggest that this would be sufficient to give people the same amount of calories, but they also suggest that the slice may be eaten more than once to maintain the weight.

“People could be eating a lot of bacon in one day, but we wouldn’t want to assume that they were eating it all at once,” says McNeill.

The weight of a pound of bacon is about 15.8kg.

To be safe, the team would recommend eating a slice about two times a day, or about one-and-a-half slices every day.

The research has also been published in Physical Review A.

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