Scorpio: Here’s what you need to know for next week

We all know that Scorpio is a date.

We all know what it means.

But what does Scorpio mean for us on a day-to-day basis?

We’re going to take a look at Scorpio dates for this week, to find out what’s going on for us when we’re planning our next date.

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What is Scorpio?

Scorpio is the Greek goddess of wisdom and the ocean.

It’s also a name used for a constellation of seven planets that were discovered in 1812.

The names Scorpio and its planets are derived from Greek mythology, meaning the head of each constellation is the headman of the Underworld, while the other seven planets are the heads of men.

Scorpios seven planets, and their constellations, are the Seven Deadly Sins.

When people think of the Seven Deadly Sins, they think of sex, drugs and alcohol.

However, when you think of Scorpio, they also think of evil, corruption, greed and the occult.

According to the Roman poet, Virgil, Scorpio was the patron of evil.

Virgil’s book The Poetic Edda was written between the years 725-793 AD.

One of Virgil’s lines is: “I love Scorpios seven daughters and seven sons”.

The Seven Deadly Sins are the three cardinal sins, while The Seven Deadly Daughters are the four lesser sins.

This week we’re going take a quick look at the seven deadly sins.

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Scorpion is also known as the constellation of Saturn and Jupiter.

While the two planets orbit each other at an altitude of 4.7 million kilometres (3.6 million miles), Scorpio sits a little further from the Sun than Jupiter.

In Scorpio Scorpio’s seven planets all of its planets and moons orbit the Sun, making it a perfect planet for viewing from the night sky.

There are seven planets orbiting Scorpio with the exception of Neptune, which is a little closer to the Sun.

In addition to Jupiter, there are six planets orbiting the Sun which makes up the four smaller planets of Scorpios Seven Deadly Sin.

With its nine moons, Scorpios planets are among the most populated planets in the Solar System. 

The four smallest planets in Scorpios have a diameter of only four kilometres and a mass of only 5.5 solar masses.

The four largest planets are Mercury, Venus, Mars and Earth, and each have a mass about six times that of Jupiter. 

It is the fifth planet of Scorpions 7 Deadly Sins and is known for its dark atmosphere. 

The other seven stars in Scorpions constellation are Vega, Alpha Centauri, Virgo and Sagittarius. 

When Scorpio takes on the colour red, it’s also known to be associated with death.

Although Scorpio has the sixth-largest solar mass of any star, the star is known to have a habit of forming its own planets and is believed to be responsible for the formation of the Solar system. 

Scorpions eight planets and its seven moons are known for their unique colours, which are the colours of the seven Deadly Sins themselves.

Scorpi is also one of the brightest stars in the night skies, and is also a part of the constellation Scorpio which has seven stars to its name. 

While Scorpio appears to be a relatively easy to see object, if you look carefully at the constellation you will notice that it’s not exactly as it appears.

Read our full Scorpio story for Monday. 

There are many types of Scorpius, which means the constellation is divided into four groups of seven.

Scorpio lies in the north, south and east groups. 

In Scorpios group, Scorpius A and B are two of the brighter stars and Scorpius C and D are the most red.

You can also see that the constellation has seven moons. 

If you are not a Scorpian, you can also call Scorpius B the brightest star in the sky.

Scandinavia and the Northern LightsThe Southern Lights are an annual phenomenon in Scandinavia, which occurs when the Northern Hemisphere’s northern lights are visible, at least for a short period of time, in the skies above Scandinavia. 

Each year, Northern Lights can be seen over the UK and northern parts of Europe for several hours before disappearing from the sky for the remainder of the day. 

Northern Lights are not as common in northern regions of Europe as they are in southern ones, but Northern Lights are also very common over northern Europe, especially around the UK.

Northern Lights usually occur on December 15, but they are most commonly seen in February and March. 

Read our Scorpio article for this month for more information on Northern Lights.

 The Northern Lights

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