When does the stimulus check start?

The stimulus check is supposed to begin on April 20th, but the White House has delayed it. 

It’s now scheduled to be extended through July 31st. 

“The stimulus check will be extended until September 20, 2017, and it will not end until November 15, 2017,” the WhiteHouse said in a statement on Wednesday.

“We are going to do everything we can to ensure that all Americans have the financial resources to take advantage of the recovery.” 

As of Wednesday, there were about 3.5 million jobless Americans, a record number, according to the Labor Department. 

Some 3.7 million Americans have received food stamps, up from 2.8 million on Tuesday. 

The stimulus is the biggest boost in the economy since President Barack Obama took office in 2009, and the latest sign of the nation’s economic recovery. 

But it’s still not a good sign for millions of Americans who have struggled to make ends meet since the financial crisis. 

President Donald Trump has also called for an extension of the stimulus, but many Republicans are against it.

The stimulus was first introduced in 2007 as part of the bipartisan economic bill. 

A bill called the “Emergency Reinvestment Act” is supposed in order to spur the economy. 

In 2013, Congress extended the stimulus through February, but a fiscal year 2016 budget deal called the sequester cut it off. 

That meant that the stimulus expired in January, 2017. 

Since then, the economy has boomed and jobs have been created. 

So far, the stimulus has been a boon to many Americans, but it hasn’t always been a sure thing. 

After the 2008 financial crisis, the recession was much worse than it was before, and there have been some major setbacks. 

More than 7 million Americans lost their jobs from January 2009 to March 2010, and nearly 2 million lost their homes. 

According to a report by the Economic Policy Institute, the unemployment rate for black Americans, the poorest people in the country, was 9.6% in January of 2011, up slightly from 6.9% in November of 2010. 

Those who lost their houses were more likely to have lost their job and were less likely to qualify for food stamps. 

These numbers have stayed about the same since then, but as the economy boomed, unemployment among black Americans actually rose. 

Black unemployment has actually been falling since the 2008 economic crisis, according the National Employment Law Project, and is now at a historic low of 2.7% in February of 2018. 

Trump is also expected to announce that he will sign a spending bill on Tuesday, the first major piece of legislation to go into effect as part, if not the first, of his term. 

With the unemployment figure at a record low, the Congressional Budget Office expects the stimulus to add about $2.2 trillion to the federal budget over 10 years. 

Republicans have promised to pass the bill and fund the government through March, but there are no guarantees that the bill will pass. 

Democrats are pushing for a permanent extension of stimulus money. 

They argue that it would be better to save money on spending than give money to people who are struggling. 

At least a dozen Republican senators have also said they plan to introduce legislation to extend the stimulus. 

Congress has only been in session for about two weeks since the first shutdown, so there’s not much time to get the deal done. 

Despite the setbacks, Republicans are hopeful the new economy will turn out to be better than the old one. 

On Thursday, President Trump signed an executive order creating a White House Economic Council. 

This group will be tasked with coordinating the president’s efforts on job creation, infrastructure spending, trade, immigration, and more. 

We will work with Congress, industry, and other stakeholders to make America stronger, President Donald Trump said in the signing ceremony.

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