How to get a job in a major city

NEW YORK — The job market is finally starting to feel the sting of a deep recession.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics said Wednesday that job gains in January were just 0.6 percent compared with a year ago.

That’s down from the 0.7 percent gain in January 2016.

The economy is not fully healed, and the unemployment rate is climbing, as the job market continues to be battered by the recession.

But for the first time since the recession began, the economy is showing signs of growth.

And while we still haven’t seen full employment, there is a lot more to come.

The BLS expects the unemployment number to rise to 6.3 percent by March.

It will likely fall to 6 percent or lower.

And the economy will be weaker than it was before the recession, which has been the longest in nearly a quarter-century.

The good news for the economy: The jobs market is strong.

The bad news: Many of the job gains that have come in the last few years are temporary.

That is, they’re being made by people who might have been looking for work, but the market for those jobs is much more tight than it used to be.

The labor force participation rate, the share of the working-age population ages 16 to 64 who are employed, has remained steady since 2007.

But the share who have given up looking for jobs is also growing, rising from 24.2 percent in February to 28.9 percent in January.

The jobs picture for men, by contrast, is still a little bit brighter.

Men are working longer hours, in part because they are paying more for their wages, and because women are working fewer hours.

That has boosted the economy in some ways, but it’s also created some new problems, too.

People are moving back and forth between full-time and part-time jobs, and they’re starting to find it hard to find a job at all.

So the number of jobs in the United States has gone down, but there are still lots of people working part-timers.

That means that more people are not counted as working.

We still have a lot of work to do to turn this around.

The economic recovery is beginning to take hold.

But it will take time.

The biggest challenges are finding enough people to fill the positions they want, keeping pace with technology and other changes that have transformed the way people work, and finding the right balance between the economy and job growth.

The U.S. economy is now growing at an average of about 2.6% a year, according to BLS data.

The pace is slower than it has been for the past decade, but we’re getting there.

There is still plenty of work left to do, though.

The unemployment rate has climbed steadily since 2007, but has been in the lower teens and has been rising since early 2015.

That suggests the recession is slowing and that the job recovery will continue.

But that pace is not guaranteed.

The average monthly job gains are slower than they have been in years.

And many people who are looking for a job are having difficulty finding it.

That could lead to more people quitting their jobs.

It also could make it harder for companies to hire more people, since they would be less likely to pay more.

If that trend continues, the job-creation numbers could slip again.

And those figures could fall even further as companies cut back on hiring, or find ways to cut costs by laying off workers.

The longer the recession lasts, the worse the jobs picture will be.

And even with a slow recovery, unemployment is still high.

That number is expected to rise as more people find work, as employers start hiring and businesses continue to hire.

The problem is that the economy doesn’t seem to be growing as quickly as we might hope.

And in some places, it’s not growing as fast as we want.

The data on which our economy relies to keep its lights on, from electricity to factories, is starting to look a lot like the data on other economic indicators.

That can lead to some pretty stark changes in how the economy works.

We’ve seen some changes in the labor market in the past few months, such as a surge in part- time workers who are not working full- time and part time workers that are working part time.

But we also see a steady rise in full- and part in-person jobs that are being filled by people moving back to the workforce.

This means that there is still much more to do.

And for many of the jobs that we’re seeing now, the number is growing faster than the job growth rates that people are seeing.

There’s a lot that’s still to be done, but that should start to change by March or April.

We’re in a new phase of the recovery.

And it’s going to take some time to turn the economy around.

And if we can’t find the right mix of jobs, we could have another economic disaster.


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