How to plan for the best Aquarius dates for 2018

In the last few months, we’ve seen some exciting trends emerge.

One of them is the shift from traditional weekend-long conventions to weekend-only events, a shift that has also resulted in the emergence of a new kind of event: aquarias.

While Aquaris are often billed as the “first weekend in 2019,” many of them actually start as the first weekend of 2018, a month after the traditional summer months.

While Aquaris typically take place on Saturday evenings in mid-June, they’re also a popular way for people to get together with friends and family for drinks, music, art, or just to hang out with other like-minded people.

But what exactly is an Aquaris?

To answer that question, we spoke with the folks behind Aquaris, the festival that’s currently taking place on May 25th in Vancouver, Canada.

While there are plenty of things to do during Aquaris that are all-ages-allowed, like attending the show, you may want to keep in mind that it’s a place where you won’t find the “adult” part of Aquaris.

The festival’s official website makes the point that Aquaris is all about family and friends, so this isn’t the place for kids.

You’ll need to be at least 14 years old to attend.

But while you may be able to attend Aquaris for an all-day-long event, you’ll need the correct ID to attend it.

The event requires you to present the proper ID at the door, and that’s a good thing, since Aquaris attendees need to show proof of age at the show in order to participate in the show.

“The main requirement is that the person presenting the ID has to have the same age as the person who’s going to attend the show,” says Jason Fauve, who runs Aquaris from the city of Vancouver.

“They can’t have any ID that’s been issued by another province, federal government, or by another country, or that hasn’t been issued in Canada.

So, if the person presents the ID, they can’t be in Canada, they have to be a Canadian citizen, or they have a Canadian driver’s license.

And they have the responsibility to provide proof of birth and nationality at the time they come to the show.”

The Aquaris Facebook page has an FAQ page that explains what is and isn’t allowed at Aquaris events.

“We have a rule that if you’re not allowed to attend a Aquaris event, that you need to get the ID from a friend, which means you need a photo ID, or you can get the photo ID from your parents or your guardian,” says Fauves.

“So, if you have a friend who doesn’t have a valid ID, then you need their ID.”

Fauves says it’s very important to have a photo identification, as it will help police check IDs that are given out to people.

The Aquaris website also has an article about the process of obtaining your ID, which is an important aspect of the festival.

“You need to bring the ID with you to the event,” says Mike Hagen, the Aquaris Festival Director.

“That’s why you need your ID with the ID card you bought, or a photo I will have in the back of my van, or whatever.

It’s really important to get a photo, and you need that to show to the police that you’re over 21.”

For more information on Aquaris 2018, visit the Aquares website here.Read more:

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