How Australia’s civil war date calculator works

A calculator that calculates the Easter date for Australia’s Civil War dates and more has been released.

The Civil War calculator is an extension of the data provided by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) to assist in the preparation of public information.

The calculator, released by the ABC today, was created to assist Australians in making decisions about their civil war timeline, which can take years to resolve.

“We don’t have a precise time frame for the Civil War but, given the sheer scale of the violence, the sheer number of combatants involved, and the ongoing conflict, we estimate that by 2020, the conflict will have raged for 20 years and resulted in the deaths of at least 6 million people,” ABC reporter, Tom Hogg, said.

Civil War timeline calculatorThe calculator uses the data from the ABS Civil War Database (CCD) to calculate the date and time of the Easter Rising, which occurred on 24 March 1861 in Australia.

It also shows the date of the Australian War Memorial (AWM) being built in Canberra, the date that the first Australian soldiers landed in New Zealand and the date the Queen’s Birthday was celebrated.

The data also includes the dates and times of the Battle of Fort Douglas, the Battle at Ypres and the Battle for the Mariana Islands, as well as the date Australia was declared a Commonwealth country in 1901.

“The Civil Wars timeline is based on a comprehensive and detailed database that includes all of the historical information available to the community,” a spokeswoman for the ABS said.

“This information includes: Civil War, Civil War history, Australian population, Civil war casualty figures, the Australian Army, Australian War Museum, Commonwealth, Australian government and more.”

When used in this way, it provides a wealth of information about Australia’s military history and provides a much more accurate time frame than is commonly used in research and media reports.

“The Civil war timeline calculator also shows how the timeline for the conflict might have been affected by the Civil Rights movement and its aftermath.

The timeline includes information on the number of Australians who died during the Civil Wars, as they died in Australia, the number who were imprisoned in the Australian system, the proportion of people living in concentration camps, and more.”


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