When did we get this?

Hacker News – January 24, 2019 16:15:04 GMTThanksgiving day is an annual holiday in the US that marks the end of the long summer.

However, it also marks the beginning of the new year, and many holiday-loving Americans are gearing up for it by going to a farm, gathering around a fireplace, or eating a big dinner of apples and nuts.

As a result, many of us are experiencing the first Thanksgiving holiday since 2015.

The date itself is a bit of a mystery, but we know that Thanksgiving was celebrated in the spring of 1696.

But as the US population boomed in the decades after that, it was hard to see it as a real holiday, and the date was changed to Christmas.

In 1776, Benjamin Franklin, a British immigrant, wrote about the holiday in his 1777 pamphlet The Christmas Eve, or New Year’s Day.

Franklin wrote that the holiday was the occasion of “all the public assemblies, &c.

in which the people of the United States assemble together for the common purpose of celebrating their mutual affection, &co.”

While Franklin’s explanation is a little ambiguous, we can assume that it is about Thanksgiving, since the holiday is also known as Christmas in some places.

And as we know, Thanksgiving was actually celebrated in 1696, so it is not clear what Franklin meant by “every public assembly.”

On January 24th, the day of Thanksgiving, it is possible that Americans will be celebrating the holiday, but it will likely be a little bit later than usual, since most of us will be eating turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie instead.

That Thanksgiving will be the first in over a century, so the holiday will be around for at least a little while longer.

In 2018, the New York Times reported that Thanksgiving had been officially declared as a “national holiday” by the US Department of Agriculture in 2019.

However this has been disputed by some.

A source for the New Republic blog, a political news outlet, claimed that the declaration of Thanksgiving as a national holiday did not come about until 2021.

The New York Post reported that “there are no records of any official declarations of Thanksgiving in the United Kingdom or Ireland” before 2020.

However it seems that there was an official declaration in Ireland in 1845.

The official declaration is said to have been made in Belfast, and it was only made after a petition was signed by nearly 10,000 people.

A year later, the Irish government announced the official recognition of Thanksgiving by declaring the day a national celebration.

The Irish government officially adopted the holiday on December 31, 2020, and its official designation as a holiday is currently recognised in all of Ireland.

The first Thanksgiving in modern US historyThe Thanksgiving holiday is a time of great national celebration, but Thanksgiving is not really a national day.

While most Americans have already eaten their turkey, they are likely to eat a bit more in the days ahead.

For those who prefer to eat turkey in a special way, the holiday can be a great way to eat.

There are some advantages to eating turkey on Thanksgiving, however.

Thanksgiving is a good time to eat outdoors, so you can enjoy the outdoors and enjoy some of the best of American cuisine.

If you have a family that doesn’t like eating outside, you can go with your family and enjoy a few family meals, too.

As the holidays are often marked by a big meal, it’s a great time to spend some time with family, too, especially if you’re looking for ways to celebrate.

If Thanksgiving is the time to be, Thanksgiving could be a good opportunity to start a tradition of getting together and eating together.

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